Spartan Sharpener

Spartan Sharpener


Equipped with Industrial crushed diamonds, the Spartan Sharpener  hones all straight blade knives to a razor sharpness that competes with the finest steel or stone tools, without the hassle of proper technique. Just firmly pull your entire blades through the guide, and let our diamond wheel take over!


For best results, pull your blade through the guide 8-10 times. 

  • Care Instructions

    To clean, remove clear plastic guide and diamond wheel. Rinse to remove any metal filings, hand dry, and reassemble for your next use.

Ratings & Reviews



This is absolutely the best peeler I have ever owned. I just bought 3 more for family Christmas stockings. Love Spartan’s great customer service, too.

Kathleen Nelsen


This is hands down the absolute best peeler I have ever used in my 55+ years of preparing food. I originally bought one for myself about a year ago, now I am going to order more for gifts!

Laura Berezny


Absolutely love this peeler. It’s the only one I use. Whether you are left or right handed, it will work great for you! Have shown the ease of these peelers to many friends, family, coworkers, and now they have their own.. I haven’t heard one complaint since, only rave reviews! I will definitely be ordering more to share with others.



Love it! How do we order more?



Received as a gift. I thought… how much better can one peeler be from another?

Hugely different! It’s so easy to use. I am going to buy one for my mother in law as she has bad arthritis… I know this will be useful for her.